NYC 96-97

Chrysler Bulding double at night

Night, 1997

NYC 96-97, diamond 1

Diamond #1, 1997

NYC 96-97, Diamond 2

Diamond #2, 1997

NYC 96-97, Torment

Torment, 1997

NYC 96-97, Star

Star, 1997

NYC 96-97, Corset Like

Corset Like, 1997

NYC 96-97, Bkln Brdg

Brooklyn Bridge, 1997

NYC 96-97, Bricks

Bricks, 1997

NYC96-97 Parking

Parking, 1997

NOTES: These images were taken during the winter of 1996-1997 with a medium format film camera. I altered the mechanism of the film back enabling me to expose each frame multiple times. Those images were printed in the darkroom on gelatin silver paper and toned with selenium for permanence. Some were bleached for image contrast. Photographs were printed on 11x14 inch and 20x24 inch paper with image sizes being respectively, 10x10 inch and 19x19 inch.

Night, 1997 is in the collection of the Museum of the city of New York. Other prints are in private and corporate collections.