Strangers, 1990-2020

Carrying a camera with me at all times, these are photographs taken in the streets of New York City since 1990.

Chelsea, 2021

Prospect Heights, 2020

Chelsea, 2019

Carroll Gardens, 2018

Street vendor

Fashion Center, 2018

Insulation Chinatown

Chinatown, 2018

Sleeping man

Union Square, 2018

friends walking together

Borough Park, 2018

riding the track in the compartment

Midtown, 2017

man looking at advertising with model

Midtown, 2016

recycler in the Gowanus

Gowanus, 2016

High bike

East Village, 2015

Student walking with a skeleton

Noho, 2015


Soho, 2014

Port Authority

Port Authority, 2014

Kid in a tree

Prospect Park, 2014

bycicle traffic on Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge, 2013

young man walking on 7th Avenue

Fashion Center, 2013

Woman on 14th St. walking and talking to phone, New York

Chelsea, 2012

man relaxing in Brooklyn

Park Slope, 2013

Man exercising

Two Bridges, 2011

Man sunbathing with reflector in NYC

Greenwich Village, 2011

Summer along the East River, NYC

Lenox Hill, 2010

Hamilton Heights, 2010

Dumpster diver

Noho, 2007

Morningside Heights, NYC, 2006

Morningside Heights, 2006

Laborer, Chelsea, NYC, 2006

Chelsea, 2006

Bowery, 2006

Bowery, 2006

group of friends enjoying a walk

The Hub, 2006

Hide and seek, Brooklyn, NYC

Williamsburg, 2006

young man sleeping in hot weather

Midwood, 2006

portrait of a security agent

Financial district, 1994

Bill Clinton, East Village, 1993

East village, 1993

Young man walking by advertising, Brooklyn

Park Slope, 1992

Diving from the pier, Coney Island

Coney Island, 1991

2 man having a smoke, NYC

Chelsea, 1991

Postman on wheels, Brooklyn

Prospect Heights, 1991

Conversation, Greenwich village, 1990

Greenwich Village, 1990

Shirtless man walking under the rain, 1990

Greenwich Village, 1990

The magician's trick, Midtown, 1990

Midtown, 1990

2 boys riding a bike, NYC, 1990

Gramercy Park, 1990

Today if you smoke, Noho, 1990

Noho, 1990